01 January, 2014


Well, the calendar is telling me that the year 2013 has ended. If you can believe that, you're not like me. I can't believe it. It seems like I've only just gotten over the fact that it is actually 2013, not 2012, and now I have to face the fact that it is 2014. Oh. Anyway I was just thinking the other day about all the things that have happened over this past year, all the blessings we have received, and all the things we've learned.:)

One of the first things that happened this year, in January, was, I started this blog! Blogging has been a very new experience for me. I've learned that blogging takes more time than I thought, that sometimes it does get discouraging, but it's worth it when you're in it to give, and bless other people. I think my posts improved as they went along. I hope they did anyway. I have to grimace when I look at the first few posts I wrote, and wonder how I ever managed to get any followers. So a super big thank you to all of my 14 followers. :) Which was you favourite post?

Now, it's a brand new year. This year I want to:
-Grow closer to God.
-Grow closer to my family.
-Get to know my friends even better.
-Live for others, and make this my priority.
-Blog more.
-Sew more.
-Write more.
-Weave and spin and cook more.
-Learn some photography skills.
-Be more helpful.
-Overcome my 'fear' of talking to people, especially those I don't really know.
-Practice hard and do well in music.
-Do well in school.
-Learn more.
-Be a blessing. :)

What are your new year's resolutions? 

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  1. I can't believe it either. It's crazy…

    I don't have any resolutions because I probably won't be able to keep them and that just makes me discouraged.. : |


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