06 December, 2013


You know, I like writing. Or at least I think I like writing. I say I like writing; when someone asks what my hobbies are I always begin 'Reading, writing...' But, most of the time that's where it ends. Yeah, I write in my journal pretty regularly, and I write letters, and I write for my school, and I really occasionally write something meaningful and heartfelt on this blog. But I don't write. I don't write.

Another thing that I want to do in life, is help someone, or some people. Really help them, and really change their world for the better, if not the world. Yes, I want to change the world! How good does that sound! I know it can be done, because others are doing it. Other young people like me. But, the fact is that I am doing nothing towards it, except dreaming, and wishing some amazing opportunity will just come along. And I'm not sure that it will. 

I have always wondered exactly how I could, or would, do something to help. Maybe not change the world, but make a difference. You know. I read of kids like me who go to Africa and help there, or join with the youth group from their church and raise tons of money. Or help all the homeless in their neighbourhood, or give Bibles to everyone in their community. But me? What am I doing? Nothing. What can I do? This is the question that gets to me, because I want to something. Truly I do. 

So here I was, humming through life a few days ago, doing one of the things that takes up far too much of my life, and does not help me achieve any of my goals: I was on Pinterest. Normally on pinterest, I browse through nice photos, pin a few, like a few, skip a few. Sometimes I read a quote that I think is good, inspirational, funny, or maybe slightly motivational. So I pin it, and promptly forget it. (Seriously, I learn so much when I happen to go looking back through one of my boards.) But this pin stuck with me. I was thinking about it all day, and all night. It made me think. Here it is:

 'That's it. That all you have to do to change the world. Write.' That's what I was thinking. 'You've always wanted to write, Self. You've always wanted to make a difference. Now go. Go write.' That's what I was thinking then, and that's what I've been thinking ever since. I am still thinking that. And that's why I am now writing this post. 

It sounds fancy, I know. I don't want you all to now go away expecting me to write amazing,  inspiring posts every week, with stories of how I am changing the world, because that's not how it's going to be. All I'm saying is that I am now inspired to write more. I'm inspired to stop wishing I could write, and just do it. And just maybe, I might benefit someone in the process. Join me?

If you would not be forgotten,
As soon as you are dead and rotten,
Either write something worth reading,
Or do something worth writing.
                                                  -Benjamin Franklin.


  1. Praise the Lord, Jess! I have been impressed recently to write for His glory too (not that I've shown anyone yet;). So I have started writing a journal of some of my struggles and victories, and how He has blessed me... and how He has led me to a higher plane!
    Thanks for being such a great friend,
    Miss you and God bless ~ Shanna.

    1. Wow! I don't believe that is coincidence... I'm encouraged even more now. :) Thanks for commenting. :)
      God bless you too. :)

  2. Well, I'm looking forward to reading anything you share. :)

    "… You've always wanted to write, Self…" Haha. You are funny.


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