08 January, 2014

Please welcome...

Mr Rabbit! 

You remember in this post, my sister mentioned that she had always wanted a rabbit, but somehow all the ones she wanted, died, so she got a lamb instead? Well, just a couple of weeks ago, she got another rabbit - just four weeks old, and very cute. So far he has been healthy, happy, and very loved! His name is Mr Rabbit. 

We had a cage for him, but when we put him in it, he got out. So while we were fixing the cage up, he stayed in the house for a few days! And as you can see from this photo, he is very mischievous, and we had a hard time keeping him where we wanted him. 

When we got him, both of his ears stood straight up, as in the photo above, but... His mother has straight ears and his father has floppy ears. So guess how Mr Rabbit turned out?

Half flop, and half straight! Definitely one of a kind! 

Isn't he positively cute? 


  1. Hey Jessica! What an adorable little rabbit, I love it!! So very cute! We have a rabbit, that looks just like yours actually, but a chocolate brown colour! Its a Dwarf rabbit, is that what yours is? Ours has floppy ears as well, haha! You can see what our bunny looks like, here on my blog!! (http://walkingonsunshine.co.nr/) :-)

    God bless,
    Riarna :)

    1. Hi Riarna! Thanks for commenting!
      I saw you rabbit on your blog - he does look similar to My Rabbit. This rabbit is not exactly any particular breed - his dad is a Lop, and his mum is just a long-haired, straight-eared 'nothing'. :)
      God bless you too. :)

  2. Looks like I'm a bit late to the post… I just saw it now. :) He's very cute. Maya also wants a rabbit. Or hamster. But my dad says they stink so we're not getting one.

    Oh, and I like the photos! Very nice. Especially the last two.

    1. They're illegal up there though, aren't they?
      Yeah, the last two are taken with my new camera. :) Makes a difference, even if I don't know how to use it!


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