10 February, 2015

Day Seven - Counting Gifts

Here's some gifts from God I noticed this morning: (The numbers are because I started at one a few weeks ago, and this is just where I'm up to. :)

51. Bike rides with siblings
52. The sound of bark crunching beneath bike tires
53. Cool air on hot skin, as we raced down the hill
54. An abundance of nectarines to bottle
55. Siblings to talk to about everything, and at all hours
56. Rice bubbles :)

57. Excitement in the knitting machine world for Mum
 58. Tea from a friend – I can smell it every morning :)
59. Letters in the mail again
60. A new toothbrush – I'd forgotten how good that is
61. Denim bunting on fuzzy wool

62. An amazing local library
63. Another year's scholarship – it's a gift
64. This blogging-every-day experience. It's almost over!
65. A kookaburra's laugh
66. My pinboard
67. Books just waiting to be read

As it says in Psalm 68:19, "Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah."

How has God been loading your life with benefits lately? 


  1. I love your list, and the photos are just as good. I like how you mention your siblings twice. I had a good day with mine today; we went out just the four of us for a few hours. It was good. :)

    Tell Rachel the post yesterday was good, too. I enjoyed reading about it and think he must be a special person to be able to work with animals that way.

    1. Thanks. :) Did you notice number 58? :D That's good you had a good day with your siblings - you'll have to tell me more about it. :)
      And I'll tell Rachel that too. :)

  2. Beautiful! Lovely list as well!

    1. Thanks Tashia - it was partially inspired by your list of gifts over on your blog! :)


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