18 August, 2014

The Hiding Place - Corrie ten Boom

A couple of months ago now, I had to read The Hiding Place for school. I'd heard it was a really good book for ages, but after reading it, I can definitely agree! It's a really good book. Lets just say that I was very interested in schoolwork for those few days. :) Anyway, after reading it, I had to write an essay on what effect growing up in a christian home had on Corrie ten Boom, so here it is! 

"Corrie ten Boom and her siblings grew up in a Christian home. Not only were they surrounded by professing Christians, they were surrounded by a family who practiced what they preached. One of their aunts spent her days writing, and Corrie's mum herself was known for taking in hungry people off the street, giving them a cup of good home-brewed tea and a meal, before sending them on their way again. Corrie's father, a successful watchmaker, made it his habit to read a chapter of the Bible daily, not just to his family, but to all who were in the house ( known as the 'Beje'). Corrie's other aunts busied themselves with the sewing needs of the family, and of all those who needed to be clothed.

In the years after her mother's death, Corrie's older sister, Betsie, took on the work of feeding those who needed it, and rarely was their large table ever empty. When the effects of World War II began to be felt in Haarlem, Corrie's hometown, the family continued their openhanded way of living – offering places at their table to anyone in need. Their reputation was known, and soon Jews seeking a refuge began making their way to the big old house. Some of these were given other places to hide, out in the country where it was safer, but there over time there were no places left in the country, and a small group of hunted Jews made the Beje their home too. Although this put their lives in danger, Corrie and her family could do no less; they wholeheartedly welcomed these people as family. Even after the consequences were felt, Corrie's father, when being offered freedom if he should promise not to cause any more 'trouble', replied, ' If I go home today, tomorrow I will open my door to any man in need who knocks.'

This kind of genuine compassion for all human beings, especially those in need was deeply ingrained in Corrie and her siblings. They had grown up observing it, being part of it, and then carrying it out themselves. Even later when Corrie and Betsie were in a horrible prison camp, they still found little ways to help the other women. Those whom they could not help, such as the cruel guards, were still objects of their sympathy. Loving and forgiving the very people who mistreated them did not come naturally to Corrie, and she struggled greatly to forgive the man who had betrayed them to the Gestapo. But the prodding of her conscience and Betsie's example won through, and finally she prayed, 'Lord Jesus, I forgive [him] as I pray that You will forgive me...'

After the war was over Corrie continued to serve. She founded several homes for ex-prisoners and others affected by the war. Corrie also traveled to many countries telling of her experiences, and the  grace, help and salvation she found in God, who sustained her during her carefree childhood years, her busy and dangerous middle-age years, her years in prison, and the years she spent after her release traveling and sharing. Corrie ten Boom's Christian upbringing definitely had a marked effect on her life and character – she was a servant for her King all her days."

Have you ever read The Hiding Place? What did you think? 


  1. Hi Jessica, I really love your blog..its a real inspiration to me!! I thought the essay you had to write about Corrie was really inspiring..you did a fantastic job haha! Thanks for sharing :-D So yeah, I love your blog, its nice to be encouraged by other girls about my age, so thanks for allowing God to speak through you! :-) ~ Riarna xx

    1. Wow, Riarna, thank you so much for this comment! It really made my night! Praise God that you have been blessed by my attempts at sharing on here. :)

  2. Hey Jessica,

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