04 August, 2014

More Love Letters?

Today we were wanting to do something different. Something to bless others, while still having a good time together. This is what we came up with (along with op-shopping!) while we were on the way into town...  


The main idea of More Love Letters is that this world needs more love! And one way that we can tell people that they are loved is to write them a letter. Yes, we can (and should) write letters to our family and friends and tell them that we love them, but what about everybody else? They need real love too! So this is the idea: write love letters to people you do not know, and leave them in random places around town to be found, as God wills, by the people who need them most.


What would you think if you were having a stressful day in town, and then you found a letter addressed just to you that read:


Dear Friend,
You are special! I love you! And most importantly God loves you! He cares for you, and wants you for His own...

I don't know what situations you may be facing, what trials you may be dealing with; but always remember: GOD LOVES YOU!
I am praying for you! Many blessings,
~ A Friend.

Or that looked like this:

 So, exactly what motivated us to write letters like the ones you just read?
At first when we started talking about writing 'love letters' and leaving them in random places, it felt weird knowing that someone you never knew might read the letter you wrote and that their lives might be changed completely because of this simple act.... But we got used to the idea pretty fast, and had fun writing things down to encourage, strengthen, and bless others.
For many of us the idea of witnessing may be very daunting but writing love letters is an easy way, we found, that fulfils two purposes: 1) sharing Jesus with those who need Him most, and 2) letting people know there are others out there who care about them. And, it's easy!
So, practically, how did we accomplish this today? We obviously wrote the letters, but how did we get them out from there...?
Our afternoon in town started out at an op-shop that had a free rack with Bibles and other inspirational books. So we stuck one of our letters in between two of the books, and kept looking at all the rest of the stuff... 

Next we stopped at a park for lunch. As we ate our 'smoked' sweet potato curry and rice, we looked around for an appropriate place to leave another letter... We decided to leave on top of the hand dryer in the public toilets.

While walking back to the car, we noticed an open café in front of where we were parked so we slipped a letter in next to the menu on the table most easily reachable!

After leaving a letter in the book section of another op-shop, we were discussing where to leave our last letter. As we were walking into the next shop, we noticed that a black car with P plates, parked right near the entrance, had its passenger window rolled right down. So we dropped it in as we walked past! While we were in the op-shop one of us noticed three dudes, dreadlocks and all, get into the very car we left the letter in! Not exactly the people we were expecting to receive it, but they need love too!

With a prayer on our lips after each letter, we came home, excited with the new mission field before us, and thanking God for the lives that will get touched, just because of our willingness to be a channel for Him!

So the challenge for you all... Just try it. Try writing a simple letter, conveying how much God loves the person that will read it... Let them know there is a purpose and a reason they are here on this earth... Check out this website: moreloveletters.com to see more about More Love Letters, and don't forget to write their web address on the letter you write so that the people who find it can write in to More Love Letters, and there may be a chance of you hearing how your letter was a blessing to others! :)
Looking forward to hearing how you all share God's love with the world!

Written by Kasey, Shanna, Shyla, Rachel & Jessica

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  1. Ha! It's your handwriting! But I hada feeling it wasn't only you who posted this until it was confirmed when I read who wrote it.
    PS. I need to write an email to you. And this letter which has taken me four weeks until now is still in the works. Sorry. Really sorry. But I got my second module in, yes! Just waiting for my grading and am halfway through module 3. It's exciting. :)


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