05 October, 2013

Guest Post - Power of Prayer

Today I have a guest post for you. :) Or a semi-guest post maybe. Semi because the guest is my sister, Rachel (Thanks Chook!), and I helped her write it... Happy readings! :)    

"...We do not value the power and efficacy of prayer as we should. Prayer and faith will do what no power on earth can accomplish..." (HDL 56.3)

I'd like to tell you about a time when my prayers and faith accomplished what no power on earth could.

It was May 2012. One of my sister's rabbit's kittens had just died. It was the third time my sister's rabbit had kittens. It was the third time I had wanted to keep one for my own. It was the third time that the one that I loved, died. It didn't seem like I would ever get a rabbit, so Mum said I could get a lamb.

Next week we went to town. We'd done all our shopping, and were, I thought anyway, heading home, when Mum pulled over behind a car, that I recognized as a friend's car. She came to our car window and told Mum something. Then Mum said to me "Why don't you go see what she has in the back of her car?" So I did. I opened the boot of her car and inside was a box. And inside the box was...nothing. But outside the box was a small white lamb. And he was mine.

On the way home name suggestions were flying everywhere, and I finally decided on using about half of them. So my small white lamb received the title of 'Obadiah Albert Timothy Mitchell Micah James Granger.' Obee for short.

Obee seemed healthy enough, but we soon realized that he wasn't. He relished his milk, but there's a limit to how much milk a lamb can drink...when he hasn't gotten rid of the last bottleful. In other words my lamb had problems going to the toilet. I had seen several other lambs, including one of the previous ones I had, in this state of affairs and none of them lived to tell the story. Would my Obee come to the same fate? History repeats itself and I feared this would be the case. But I did more than feared. I prayed.

James 5:15 says 'And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up.' And John 14:14 says 'If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it.' Through a lot of prayer and faith, and many olive oil enemas lovingly administered by my sister, he got going a bit better.

I remember one Friday afternoon, Obee looked particularly sick. He was lying out in the sun, while we industriously cleaned the house. About every fifteen minutes I would either go to my room and pray, or go out to Obee and pray. It was hard to have faith that he would get well, especially when several members of my family had taken to calling him 'dead', and Oba-die-ah.

The next day we went over to our friends' place. Seeing as we were going to be gone the whole day, I took Obadiah with me. He wasn't getting any better, and the suggestion was made to leave the 'dead' lamb there. I refused, because I had asked God to make him better, and I knew He would. So Obee came home again. Many more prayers, many more tears, many more enemas, and many more days - Obadiah Albert Timothy... became well happy and healthy, just like all of his other sheepie friends.

Right now, looking out the window, I can see Obee, happily grazing, with his mouth full of green grass. He's fat and woolly. He's currently, still eating (no blockage now!), continuing on his merry way down our driveway paddock with his mate Mr. Phib. He is living proof that God answers prayer.

Obadiah Albert Timothy Mitchell Micah James Granger. :) 


  1. But seriously, how do you remember his names all in order?!! Actually, how do you even remember all his names, let alone in order?!! Fascinating.

    Good story, though. I've been reading "God's Smuggler: Brother David", and he prayed a lot, so did his colleagues, and many of their prayers were answered. It's challenging, and I know I don't pray half as much as I should. I guess for the most part, life is too good, so I just….. don't have anything to ask for. Except to change my character and help me to see things the way they actually are and not make things up, but that takes time, even if you have lots of faith. Those stories that tell about the main character changing over night always annoy me. I can't stand them, actually. They are not real, and everyone knows it. : |

    Anyway, after all that, I'll stop here before you fall asleep from too long of a comment. Thanks Rachel! And Jessica. Wishing I could see you both sooner than two years. (waiting) (That's the emoticon on Skype. Go and refresh yourselves if you don't remember which one it is. *grin!*)

    P.S. *whispering* I think I have a hunch who it was that called your lamb Oba-die-ah. Am I right? ',:D

    1. Sorry, I never thought I should reply or that you would be half talking to me thanks.
      I believe you do know who called Obee Oba-die-ah. :)

  2. Thanks Rachel! That was encouraging... I have been in some situations like what you described, and sometimes it's really hard to see that God will come through on what He promised, but nonetheless we still need to persist in prayer and God WILL do what is right for our lives!
    Miss you all,
    Love ~ Shanna.

  3. Thanks girls. :) Missing you both too. :) And Niv, I'm sure your guess would be correct. :D


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