26 August, 2013

Guest Post - Remembering How God has Led Us in the Past...

Wells. I have something different for you... (A change is as good as a holiday, right?) A guest post by my good friend Shanna! Thanks Shanna! 

     In reviewing our past history, having travelled over every step of advance to our present standing, I can say, Praise God! As I see what God has wrought, I am filled with astonishment, and with confidence in Christ as leader. We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history. {CET 204.1}   

This quote reminded me of what Jessica has been saying in some of her previous posts {at the beginning of her blog} about prayer and how we need to ask God for things specifically. But instead of just asking for things we need to remember how God has led us in the past, so we can be encouraged, and continue in our journey heavenward!

In my past experience I can definitely see how God has led me and my family. From buying and selling houses, (which involves moving house many times!); living in a house in the process of being built, with humans, who all make mistakes (including me!), and trying to stay close to the Lord. Even though I sometimes lose my way and take my eyes of Him; I can still see his hand! The trials that I have passed through, have only strengthened my walk with Him, and even though it was hard, God put them there for a reason. With Mrs White I can say, Praise God!

We need to remember to keep our eyes on Jesus. We might lose our way, but I would like to encourage you, as soon as you realize that you have made a mistake, to turn your eyes back to Jesus! Dont even hesitate to come back to Jesus just as you are, as soon as you see your need! Jesus is waiting for you; will you come?

Look back on your past experiences, see how God has led you in every step, and with Mrs White say Praise God!

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  1. Nice thoughts, Shanna. :)

    (Ha! I love how you wrote 'Wells' at the top instead of well. Things I love.... *shakingmyhead*)


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