20 July, 2013

Look Up!

This afternoon, well really it was evening, but I prefer the word afternoon, so we’ll call it afternoon. This afternoon we went for a walk. We started out walking through the paddock and then went on the road the rest of the way. I was walking along with my head down listening to everyone else’s conversations. (Or is that called eavesdropping?) I seem to have this habit of looking at the ground while I walk. So my view consisted of stones, leaves, a few sticks, and mud. How exciting! Did I really go for a walk just to see some wet dirt? So I thought ‘How entirely stupid that I am walking along here looking at a piece of average ground, nothing special, nothing amazing, when I could be looking up. Up at green paddocks, and trees with a road winding through them, sheep and cows… Up at the sky which was filled with clouds and shades of a sunset…’  

How often do we look down as we travel our way through life, looking down, when we could look up? How often do we focus our thoughts and time and attention on all the ‘down’ things in life when we could be looking up? Up to Jesus, up to all that He does for us, up to all the blessings He’s given us, up to all the ways He can help us with the ‘down’ things in life…  Look up! 


  1. funny, I was just talking today about words I don't like. bickering is one.

    I walk with my head down, too. I keep on discovering! :)

  2. haha. I also find I walk a couple of paces behind everyone too.


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