01 July, 2013

I sewed.

You know how over there in my blurb about my self it says I like sewing? Well... I thought it was about time I did more than said I like it. Like doing it, for example. So yesterday I did some sewing. I found a piece of dark green cotton knit fabric... 

And some cute buttons...

And I made a neck-warmer. 

It was really easy. I just cut a strip of fabric 45 inches long, and 7 inches wide. Then i joined it together like a tube, turned it in the right way, made some buttonholes, sewed on some buttons, and 'Hey Presto!' I'm done! It really was that easy. 

And then I enjoyed making that one so much, I found some more cute fabric...

And i made another one for my sister.

It is knit fabric on the outside, and polar fleece on the inside.  

So... there's my sewing efforts. Super easy, super simple, super quick, super fun, and super functional. 
Have I inspired you to make one yet? 


  1. You make it look so easy. And sound so easy. :'(

    1. It is... really. truly. You sewed that teddy bear. You can sew this... Easy... Only it's so hot up there you'd never wear it.


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