11 May, 2013

A Page From my Heart...

Tonight I thought I'd just share something that I wrote in my journal/diary last night. It's something I've been thinking a lot about lately. Sorry if it reads like it is directed at you, really, I was talking to my self. :)

Well. Oh my. Just listen to this.
"Hopeless cries.
Desperate eyes.
Hurting, sighing,
Bleeding crying,
Dying, alone.
Lying on stone.
They groan.
They writhe.
Death stares.
Nobody cares.
Children's fears.
Jesus' tears.
And you just tithe?"
                            -Andrew Lehman.
Ponder it. Really. And you just tithe? And I just tithe. Well, I give to Amazima. But that's not  kinda personal. It reminds me of a little poemy thing I read the other day. It went something like this:

"I am poor, hungry and naked.

You preached on how to help the poor.
You ran a seminar on how to feed the hungry.
You preached for hours on clothing the naked. 
And I am still poor hungry, hungry and naked."

We talk about it. We agree it's an excellent thing to do. We even think we ourselves would do it one day. You know, when the circumstances were just exactly perfect. But the truth is WE DO NOTHING. Okay maybe some people do. I'm speaking for myself.

And then tonight we watched a DVD by Glenn Coon. It was basically a brief summary of how he found Jesus, and his (Glenn's) ministry, etc. And he began with a verse that went something like this, (Paul speaking) "Woe is me if I preach not the gospel." (1 Corinthians 9:16) And he (Glenn) was encouraging everyone to SHARE. Share! Share the good news. Why would you want to with hold good news? The world is dying for lack of love. Seriously. And where does love come from? True love comes from God. It has to; God is love! It can come from nowhere else. The world needs love. The world needs God. Right? So... That leads to one logical conclusion. We have God. They don't. Let's go tell them!

You know, last Sabbath we watched a DVD of Christian Berdahl's testimony. And there was a time in his life, before he was a Christian, and he was surrounded by Adventists. He even roomed with one! And not one, NOT ONE, even witnessed to him. Are we guilty of the same thing? Seriously? What are you doing about it? What can  we do about it?

As far as doing super big huge things for God, I don't know. But we can do little things. Like smiling. :) Next time you see someone who is not smiling, SMILE! I'm going to do it too!

You know, this afternoon the phone rang. And I answered it. And a friendly lady on the other end told me her name was Zoe and she was from the PYCA or whatever it's called. Something to do with the police and youth and that. And she said they were fundraising for something (I can't remember what) that was supposed to help youth with binge drinking and drugs and in turn prevent violence, and they would really appreciate if  I bought a couple of the raffle tickets she was selling. And I said, 'Sorry, I don't do raffles.' And she said, "Okay, thank you, bye!' And then when she was gone I thought about a whole bunch of things I could've said to her. Like, 'What those youth really need is Jesus.'

So. And if we make use of the opportunities God gives us, he will give us more. And we are actually held accountable for opportunities we don't use. Wow. I'd better get started.

Reminds me of the song 'To believe' sung by Jackie Evancho. Especially this part.

"Father, as you see, I'm only a child.
And there's so much to understand.
But if your grace should surround me,
I'll do the very best I can.
I promise, I'll do the very best I can."

So, that's what I wrote. That's what's on my heart. People are dying. And those that are living, are living hollow lives. What will we do? Will we do the very best we can?

Here is the song I mentioned, 'To Believe.' The words are so true, and they almost sum up what I just said, and Jackie Evancho's voice is absolutely amazing.


  1. dearest friend,

    it has been confirmed that we are twins at heart.

    and that little girl? I did NOT expect that voice!

  2. You've been thinking the same thing?

  3. Wow - this is amazing! I've been truly blessed by your thoughts - and it has touched a chord in my heart which yearns to do more for others and tell of Jesus' love.

    Keep up the posts - let Jesus lead.

    Loads of love - Melissa Awde x

  4. Praise God! Thanks heaps for your comment.

    Missed seeing you when we were up there. :(

    Love to you too. :)


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