15 May, 2013

A Few Photos...

Just thought  I'd share a few photos...

My pumpkins. :)
It has been a frost these last couple of mornings.
 So pretty. And it means Winter is coming!
(I wrote this a few days ago. Now, Winter is here. It's cold!)

 One of my brother's chooks. Her name is Abigail. 
My brother's rabbit is all ears! His name is Daniel. 
This is our neighbours cows. Aren't they cute?
And of course this couldn't be complete with out photos of our sheep. :)
This is Jumbo enjoying some hay...
This is my sisters sheep Obee. 
This is my brother's sheep Jered. 
This is Harry. 
And this is Harry again. Isn't he cheeky?
This is Jumbo again. 
And this is Obee again. 

And in case you're wondering, we have seven sheep altogether. 
Four of them are almost three years old, and the other three are almost one. 


P.s I don't claim to be a photographer, so I know these photos aren't the best, but, well, I couldn't resist sharing. I hoped you enjoyed them anyway. :) Which one was your favourite?

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  1. I know what winter feels like. it is freeeeeeeeezing down here atm. at least if you're not used to it. when I went to your house in August I was freezing. can't imagine now. I think I'm starting to like the idea of tropics. it was all just a summer phase. :)

    your photos are good..! I like the ones of your sheep. yeah, I know I say this for every post you do with photos of the sheep... but they are SO big. I was there when they were tiny..! apparently my littles are getting so big and fat. and they might have lice! :'(



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