27 March, 2013

Book Review || Will Our Generation Speak?

A couple of weeks ago now, I finished reading the book Will Our Generation Speak by Grace Mally.

This book encourages everyone, but especially young people, to witness; to fulfil the great commission 'Go ye therefore and teach all nations.'  We always tend to think that the way to teach all nations is to go and be a missionary on some cannibal island where the people have never heard of Christ before. But this book encourages us to be missionaries at home, in our neighbourhood, to the people we see every day. We can do this by giving out tracts to people, door-knocking, letter-boxing, starting conversations with people in regard to their salvation, or even something as simple as a smile is a way to witness.

This book covers heaps of topics relating to witnessing, like how to witness, how to start conversations, what to talk about, what to do to overcome fear, et cetera. Grace also shares many stories about her- and her family and friends'-, witnessing experiences. It also has some humorous illustrations, to add to the chapters.

I recommend this book to anyone and everyone. It has really inspired me to 'let my light shine.' :)

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