13 February, 2018

How to Make Prayer a Part of Life

It’s common Christian knowledge that prayer is important, prayer is the lifeblood of the soul, prayer is how we communicate with God. We discuss how to pray, look at Jesus' example, and study thanksgiving, confession, intercession, praise. But the hardest part for me is making prayer a part of my life. I know it’s important, I know how to pray, but I don’t pray a lot; sometimes I don’t pray every day. Sometimes I pray snippets throughout the day, but never pour my heart out to God. So firstly, if this is you too: don’t be ashamed. It’s tempting to hide, thinking what kind of Christian doesn’t pray?! but Jesus doesn't shame us about our choices. He simply offers something better. 

Our world is geared to squeeze prayer out of our lives, but we have the all-powerful God on our side, and with Him everything’s possible. Here are a few things which practically help me make prayer a part of my life:

Going for a walk
I talk to God more easily when I'm in His creation. I talk out loud, and that helps me stay focused and not get distracted by other thoughts. There are so many things in nature to praise God for too, and beginning with gratitude is a great springboard to prayer.

Journaling in nature
I feel God closer when I’m outside, and, if I’m facing a problem or decision, journaling about it while talking to Him makes things much clearer. 

Using a prayer journal
This is something I’ve recently started doing, and it's been helpful to keep focused, especially if I can't go outside. I’m also excited about building tangible proof of answered prayer. Mine is slightly different, but I got the inspiration and layout out from these Coffee and Bible Time videos: My Prayer Journal Walk Through, and How to Make a DIY Prayer Journal.

Writing lists/writing down prayers
This is part of prayer journaling, but I do it in other journals and notebooks too. I like to write lists of things I’m grateful to God for, ways He’s blessed me, aspects of God's character, prayer requests, answered prayers, etc.

Talking to God as I study and read the Bible
This is one of my favourite ways to pray. As I’m reading through a Bible passage, I take a moment to ask God to apply it to me. For example, if I’m reading Psalm 16, verse 1 says, ‘Preserve me, O God: for in thee do I put my trust.’ I then pray, ‘God, please help me to trust you more, to trust you will preserve me, whatever happens.' I might apply to a specific situation too: 'Please help me to trust you regarding this decision I have to make.' It makes the Bible personal and relevant. Sometimes I'll also write out a paraphrase of a passage, applying it personally and making it my own prayer.

Praying as soon as I’m asked to, or a thought comes to mind
When someone asks for prayer, I’ll say a prayer for them right away (or while the thought’s still in my mind if they’re asking in person). I can't remember where I heard this suggestion, but it's been helpful, because I forget easily. I also apply this to my thoughts; if I’m thinking about what I should be doing next week, I try to remember to say a prayer about it right then. It doesn’t have to be long; just making prayer a part of my thought life.

Praying with friends
Praying audibly with a friend or in a small group, and having people pray for you, is so, so powerful. It’s one of the most encouraging things to me; the most beautiful type of community. It also good for accountability.

I hope these suggestions might aid your prayer life too! We’re in a war between good and evil, and the enemy wants us to forget about prayer or think it’s too hard, because it’s one of our greatest weapons against him. Let's use it, friends, and in God’s strength overcome! xx

What do you find helpful in making prayer a part of your life? What could I add to the list? Is prayer something that comes naturally to you?

If prayer seems to you a diversion from productivity, remember God does more in five seconds than we can in five hours. John Piper


  1. Great post Jessica. Prayer is such an important part of our lives, yet most of us struggle with it. Those are great suggestions. For me, I pray whenever I read God’s Word and random short prayers throughout the day.... but I need to remember I’m not just telling a genie three wishes.... I’m talking to the King of Kings yet at times I try to tell Him what to do. I have to watch that. Prayer is something so beautiful because Jesus intercedes on our behalf to God and we can talk to Him.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! You're right, maybe if we remembered Who we're talking to, and what a privilege it is, it would change our prayer life. And that's a great habit to pray whenever you read the Bible! Thanks for your comment, as always! :) xx

  2. Oh this was soo neat!! Thanks so much for sharing, I'm gonna definitely do some of these. <33

    1. You're welcome - all praise to God! I hope they're helpful to you. Thanks for your comment! xx

  3. These are some great tips! The last three sound especially helpful. I'll have to remember them for sure.

    1. Thanks, Gloria! Praise God! I hope they can be a help to you. xx


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