04 March, 2015

Before Pinterest...

...there was such a thing as a pin-board - a literal board that you pinned notes onto. (I know; wow!) So let me introduce to you:

My pin-board! Yes, a real live pin board – nothing to do with Pinterest at all. This is the real deal. I've always thought it would be novel to have a pin-board where I could stick up inspiring and relevant quotes & pictures, along with other lists that currently clutter up my desk. Finally I realized that if I just quit dreaming about it, all it would take is a couple of dollars, and a trip to the cheap shop, (and a helpful brother who knows where the screwdriver is). And now a pin-board is happily residing on the wall next to my desk!

So I wanted to share with you what I've got pinned up there so far (it will definitely be added to). I'm always finding inspiring and motivating quotes, and I pin them on Pinterest and then forget about them. A couple of weeks later I come across them again, and yet when I go to pin them, Pinterest reminds me, “Pssst. It looks like this is already on Little Wisdoms.” Oh. So now, I'm beginning to write out those amazing quotes I don't want to forget, and put them on my physical pin-board, where I can look at them every day, and be reminded of what they mean to me. Of course, a few other things have found their way up there too. :)

The very first quote I put up there is that one in the middle: “God created the world out of nothing, and as long as we are nothing, He can make something out of us.” (Martin Luther) I mentioned that before, as being somewhat of my life motto. It's a very good reminder for my pride – if I want God to use me, I must be nothing in my own eyes.

Another quote I have up there, is short, and yet it reminds me of so much: “The north wind made the vikings.” We all regard the vikings as a fierce, strong and tyrannic people, and this quote is saying: it was the north wind – the hard times – that made them what they were. So this reminds me that it's the same for us – hard times aren't to be looked upon as a curse. Rather they can be, if we choose to let them, the making of us.

The only other quote I have up there at the moment is one I copied from Tales from the Secret Annexe by Anne Frank. It is about my favourite quote ever, and I think it's amazing that she wrote this while still a young teenager, and while living in hiding, with the continual fear of being discovered: “How wonderful it is that no one has to wait, but can start right now to gradually change the world! How wonderful it is that everyone, great and small, can immediately help bring about justice by giving of themselves!

“Give and you shall receive, much more than you ever thought possible. Give and give again. Keep hoping, keep trying, keep giving! People who give will never be poor!”

Isn't that profound? It's from an essay she, Anne, wrote in 1944 titled, “Give”. The whole thing was so good, I wish I could have it all pinned on my pinboard and typed up here. I really like that last sentence though, which was apparently one of her grandmother's favourite sayings: “People who give will never be poor.”

Next, down in the bottom left corner of the board, is my before-18 bucket list. And one of the things on there (in fact the only one that has been crossed off so far) is 'Blog every day for a week'. See, I told you it was on my bucket list! I wrote this list on my seventeenth birthday, and I'm really glad I did. All the things on there are achievable, to a certain degree anyway, and it's good to be reminded often of what I'm working towards. The very first thing on the list though, one which i'll never fully be able to cross off, or achieve, is 'Know God.'

Then there's another list; that orange and purple conglomeration in the top left corner. And that, my friends, is a list of books I want to borrow from the library someday – not all at once. I plan to reserve a few this week, and get stuck into reducing that list. The only problem, of course, is that the more I read, the more books I find to put on the list. Whatever the case, I'm really thankful for our excellent library system, because as you can see, they have plenty of good books that I can't wait to read! (And, don't tell anyone, but the list actually continues on the back as well.) :O

The little owl there, is just to keep me company. I do really like owls, so I couldn't resist sticking him up there. I might even have to add a few more. :)

And in the bottom right corner is a picture, a painting I believe. It's just the front off an old card I found, but I really like it. It reminds me of times gone by, when life was simple, and days were happy and uncluttered. It makes me think of books like Little Women, where families worked, and families played, and families lived, and laughed and learned. (And hung Grandma's hand-pieced quilt to dry in the shade of an apple tree.)

Finally, in the very top left corner is that hulking bow. I made it from this tutorial, and I guess it just describes another part of me, because polka dots are one of my favourites. So of course, I couldn't resist sticking it up there, even though it doesn't go with anything else I have around.

So that, my friends is the latest edition to my little nook. And it fits right in with the rest of my un-themed everything: nothing matches, all colours go. But, I like it, and so far, I've found it very helpful in keeping things I want to remember, in my memory. I plan to add more quotes (tell me what your favourites are!) and pictures up there, along with promises God gives me in the Bible. After all, a good old pin-board beats Pinterest any day. :)

Oh, and belated happy Autumn to you too! I'm glad it's arrived, as I've finally decided that Autumn is my favourite season... What's yours?

Jessica xxx


  1. It's cute. :)

    I'm waiting for winter! Or the 'winter' of the subtropics.....

  2. I got to see your board in person before I even knew you had posted this ;) It's a great idea Jess, I think my problem would be that I have too many "favourites"! So I have a book of quotes (and a heap on my iPod:/), and box of treasures, a stack of notes; yet still there doesn't seem to be enough room!
    Anyway :D Thanks for such a great weekend, my friend... Blessings and love! ~Shan.

    1. Thanks Shanna! I had a great weekend too; thanks for visiting, and sharing. :)


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