29 March, 2014

Bees...A Quote...And a Post with an Extremely Lame Title...

Well, I've tried for so long to think of something amazing and profound to put with these photos. And I have failed miserably. So, I'll leave you with a quote that, I found, really made sense. :)

'Joy comes to the strong when they serve the weak, not because they have done something grand, but whether they know it or not, their actions have aligned themselves with God. He's the happiest Being ever. When you do what He does, you automatically sense His pleasure. It's the way He made you.'  Bob Schultz


  1. Jessica - I found your blog by searching for "Machela Toews" - and it came up with a post last April which included the song "This Is My Song to Thee." (one of my currently favorite hymns! :) Do you know anything about the copyrights for this hymn? --Sorry to post this on here, but i didn't know if you would see comments on older blog posts! if you have a minute, please email me: paula (at) melttheheart (dot) com. Thanks! Oh, and I appreciate your quote in this post - and the pics are beautiful!

  2. I love the photos…! And I know, isn't coming up with a title the hardest part of writing a post?

    1. Thanks. :) And, yeah, the titles always get me. Now I know why some people just don't title their posts.


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