17 June, 2013

God is at the Anvil...

This is a poem I read in my Literature schoolbook recently. For some reason I just really liked it. So much so, that I am actually memorizing it. It is describing a sunset...

God is at the anvil, beating out the sun,
Where the molten metal spills,
At his forge among the hills,
He has hammered out the glory of a day that's done.

God is at the anvil, welding golden bars,
In the scarlet- streaming flame,
He is fashioning a frame,
For the shimmering silver beauty of the evening stars.
                                                             -Lew Sarett


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1. My day will be brighter, my face smiling, and my heart blessed.

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3. I will then attempt to craft a response to you that will somehow fail to convey how much I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness. I’m grateful for every word of encouragement you give, and don’t be afraid to share some constructive criticism also; there’s always more to learn. In short: thank-you! :)