09 March, 2017

My Testimony and the Great Australian Bight

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved no their lives unto the death.” Revelation 12:11

I believe personal testimonies are powerful – as the above verse says, they can be used to overcome Satan! I’ve been blessed hearing other people’s testimonies. Some have encouraged and inspired me; others have given me fresh understanding and insight. Many have illustrated God’s amazing recreating power. 

But I never felt I had a testimony to share. My life has been pretty simple. I’ve always known about God, and committing my life to Him has been more of a gradual process, rather than a road-to-Damascus experience. There’ve been tougher times, but no more than what many others have been through. God’s been there and He’s been good.

While traveling across Australia, a few of us shared our testimonies. When it came to my turn I said a few words, second guessed myself, and felt very small. Did I have a testimony? Should I have a testimony? Does the fact that I don’t mean I don’t have a relationship with God?

But a few weeks later, we were travelling again, and sharing testimonies once more. This time I had a testimony, and I was excited to share. During those weeks, I had remembered something.

When I was younger – maybe pre-teen, I don’t exactly remember – I had the dream of being a missionary. Africa seemed to be the place missionaries went, so I decided I wanted to go to Africa as a missionary. But when I prayed about it, God gave me the strongest impression that my work was here in my own country. There’s nothing wrong with being a missionary in Africa, but I believe God has different locations and types of work for everyone. And I believe He called me to work in my country. But the question in my mind since then has been, How? Sometimes it seems much harder to reach neighbours than foreign tribes.

Ever since I heard about canvassing, I wanted to try it. Ever since I tried it, I wanted to do more. But it wasn’t until halfway through the recent canvassing program I attended I realized: this was it. This was reaching out to people in my own country. This was something I could do. This was something I had already seen help and minister to people. This was something God had in mind for me all those years ago when He told me Australia was my field. Talk about feeling small! I was, and still am, in awe of the way God has worked that out. That’s what I was excited to share the second testimony-time we had travelling. And that’s why canvassing is important to me. 

I also want to add to my previous thoughts about my testimony: I met a lady while canvassing, who had questions about God because some of her family members were suffering with cancer, and at least one had already died from it. She wasn’t interested in what I had, because it was obviously religious. But then I said one line – one line I previously thought was insignificant. I said I’d lost a close family member to cancer and struggled with the same questions. Her attitude changed immediately. We were able to talk about God and discuss how He could allow tragedy, if He was good. I also mentioned a particular book – one I had with me – really helped me, and in the end she said she would get that book because if it had helped me maybe it would help her. I was blown away that God had used my story to reach someone. 

So, I want you to know that if God can use me, He can use you. If you feel like your story is nothing dramatic, it can still touch someone; someone will relate to it. Even if you feel like you have no testimony, as I did, God is still working in your life. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28


Have you ever felt your testimony was insignificant? What do you think about the power of personal experience? How do you see God working in your life?

Also, I realise I haven’t given many details about my recent trip across Australia, the canvassing program, and what it was all about. In the next post I’m planning to answer any questions you have about it. So please ask me anything and everything you’d like to know in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer! (Thanks Ariel, for the inspiration to do this! I will definitely answer the questions you already asked! :)