02 May, 2014

A Skirt... Made by Me!

Well, you wouldn't believe this, but I actually sewed again! I mean, I actually sewed something, and it worked! :O  I'm good at sewing things, like a ridiculous green skirt that was supposed to fit my sister, and it turns out that it fits neither of us. So it lies unfinished. Or a polka dot shirt that was too big on the shoulders, that I'm too lazy to fix and finish. So it lies unfinished. Or a...

But this time... I was quite determined to make something, and finish it. So, I decided to make the simplest skirt I could think of. I drew up a pattern with this very helpful pattern drafter. And I found a scrap of fabric in the cupboard that my mum had no use for, (and that I had been admiring for ages.) And I made a skirt, and I finished it the same night I started. And it fits me, and I'm very happy. :D I think I shall make another one.

 Do you like the fabric? The design? What have you been sewing lately?